Colours Of Africa

Hertex Fabrics recently partnered with local interior designer Donald Nxumalo to create Terra Nova, a collection that breaks new ground with colour, texture, pattern and print, inspired by the colours of Africa.

Nxumalo did not only take inspiration from Africa but also from the works of the late Malian photographer, Malick Sidibé, who was known best as the ‘Eye of Bamako’ due to his photographic work that captured the tangible energy of those living in a post-French colonialist Mali.

The patterns, prints and woven textures found in the Terra Nova collection capture the atmosphere of Sidibé’s most famous photographic works. Deep blue and black reflect the skies that the Malian’s celebrated their freedom from colonialism beneath, while earthy hues resemble the new ground they confidently stood upon.

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Photography Courtesy of Hertex