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From A 5-star Hotel To high-end apartments

A historic building in Green Point will soon become a coveted suburban gem

By Amy Saunders | May 30, 2018 | Design

A new offering of luxury apartments with panoramic sea views and unmatched style and elegance is on the horizon. Former five-star hotel, Romney Park, located on the lower slopes of Signal Hill, Green Point, has been earmarked for refurbishment. The plan is to modernise the interior and turn the luxury serviced accommodation into unique and beautifully designed sectional-title apartments.



The overall, 26 luxury apartments will feature north facing balconies, of which some will boast panoramic sea views. More exclusive units will feature a private splash pool, a jacuzzi, antique furnishings and private rooftop gardens. With these luxury features and extras like air conditioning and underfloor heating, who wouldn’t want to live there?



The renovation project, which will take about 7 months to complete, begins this month, May 2018. It has been decided that the contemporary-colonial exterior of the building will remain untouched. Interior designer Christo Koegelenberg, who has over 19 years of experience in décor and has worked locally and in the United Kingdom, will be working in conjunction with MLH Architects. MLH is known for its work in the heritage and urban-design fields.

“We envision luxury at its finest for Romney Park’s new look. The building has a classic colonial style and feel, and our work will focus on amplifying that beauty while modernising the accommodations to suit the lifestyle of well-to-do residents,” said Koegelenberg.



We caught up with Christo Koegelenberg for a quickfire Q&A session, check it out below.


What Inspired the colour palette of the featured apartment’s kitchen?

Pop of colour – the suites were updated to bring colour into the lounge and this spilled over to kitchen – the teal green kitchen – colour dictated to by marble burgundy colour flecks and big crystal handles.

Where did you source the luxurious furniture pieces in the living room?

Custom made according to client’s needs bespoke design and made, locally made. A few images are presented to the client to get a feel of preference and use of space and then I custom design their furniture….it is all locally manufactured.



Which local and international designers are you currently obsessing over?

Phillip Stark international designer.

Inspiration comes from international trends in order to stay abreast of local designers. Each client is unique and has custom tastes.

What is your signature style?

Modern colonial.

How would you describe the overall style of these new luxury apartments?

Colour chic with a modern colonial feel spacious city convenience meets hotel living.

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