Fully Floored

With more than 25 years of experience, Forest Flooring takes great pride in aspiring to be at the forefront of flooring trends in the country. The company has an easily accessible selection of designs and woods in its catalogue. With a close eye on the latest trends, we chat to director William Combrinck about personalising a space with timber.

1. What flooring trends captivate the market currently?

Herringbone is the recent craze, as well as the integration of classic designs with fairly modern and contemporary homes. Concrete is on the rise: off shutter concrete finishes without the fuss works beautifully when used in conjunction with timber flooring. The demand for high-quality vinyl flooring, such as our vinyl flooring, is cost effective yet stylish. Vinyl has had a bad rap – labelled as cheap and nasty – but that’s starting to change, with vinyl being an affordable solution instead.

2. What are some of the Forest Flooring styles/collections that homemakers are finding most appealing?

Herringbone, along with wide plank flooring. People are interested in light, natural colours. Using flooring as cladding is also very favourable at the moment.

3. What are the major factors to consider before installing a wooden floor?

Wooden flooring is a timeless feature, it never goes out of fashion; however, it’s an organic product that needs care. It’s important that one is well educated on its maintenance. Consider the company that installs the floor, such as full turnkey solutions, care products available and time in the industry. When comparing different flooring companies, the cheapest option is most often not the best option.

4. What is the greatest appeal of a wooden floor?

Warmth, texture, its ability to be integrated into any design scheme and its ability to increase the value of a property. From our side, the diversity in range and colour is a big factor.

5. What is most important ‘tip’ or advice for caring for a wooden floor?  

Treat it like you would treat your car – you wouldn’t spend R300 000 on a car and never service it. Same applies to wooden flooring. If you follow the processes for care and maintenance, you will have a beautiful end result for many years to come. Buyers need to understand that it’s not only taking care of a floor, it’s caring for a lifelong investment.

Always use recommended products, in our case Rubio Monocoat.

Follow the recommended processes. Don’t hesitate to enquire with Rubio Monocoat or Forest Flooring if uncertain. It’s easier and more affordable to be pro-active than reactive.

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