Third–generation rug dealer Charles Gonsenhauser has once again joined forces with South African artist Julia Swanepoel Pepler on a follow up collection to her original 2013 Aerial Rug Collection.

As with the first, these designs are completely unique and draw inspiration from aerial photography depicting the terrain and landforms on earth taken from airplanes or satellites.

The colours this time are more subdued revealing a sophisticated aesthetic that offers much flexibility. Tones of grey and aqua with accents of teal and berry are used to gorgeous effect.

The fine compact hand knotting of these rugs accentuates the graphic lines of Swanepoel’s designs; beautifully providing movement… almost like you are above the earth looking down.

Retails at R7 200 per square metre. Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs; www.finerugs.co.za

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