High Seat

Anker Bak Ab001 Rocking Nest Chair Oak Oil Canvas Front.jpg

Every piece of furniture comes with a story. The origin of the Rocking Nest Chair lies with Anker Bak’s sister. The young designer wanted to create a comfortable chair where she could rest with her newborn baby – without compromising on style, of course.

The result is an organic design made up of wood, leather, canvas and steel – a modern take on the classic rocking chair.

“I focused on creating contrast between the soft, oval leather/canvas shell, the soft leather cushion and the lightweight wood and steel frame, so that the chair appears to be floating,” Anker says.

Practical, as well as pretty, the foldable chair is easy to store, making it suitable for even the smallest space. 

“Thanks to its straightforward design, how the chair folds up is also very clear.”

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Text Ruby Parker