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For over 70 years GRUNDIG has applied cutting-edge innovations and exquisite design to everyday appliances in the quest to crystalise the difference between a house and a home. It’s a simple yet fundamental distinction. Homes aren’t found; they’re made. Comfort is created. Belonging is crafted.

GRUNDIG’s German-engineered technology brings homes to life by creating sophisticated solutions that are not only elegant, simple, and user-friendly, but also, like any true companion: reliable, intelligent and understanding. The GRUNDIG range of home innovations boast some remarkable features and, while they may seem like science-fiction, they are all real and available right now.

Where to begin? Every day should start with you feeling fresh so let’s introduce the GRUNDIG Front Loader Washing Machine. This state-of-the-art washer boasts cutting-edge Pro Dose Technology which uses your load’s first soak to assess the weight of your washing and dirt levels of the water. A calculated dose of water, detergent, and energy is then applied to your wash cycle. Complement this with an impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating and you’ve now got an advanced laundry solution that looks after your favourite outfits, your electricity bills, as well as the entire planet.

But what’s a clean start without a refreshing breakfast to match it? GRUNDIG refrigerators are globally recognised for their exquisite design and functionality. The Bottom Mounted Freezer features Ion-Fresh Technology which neutralises bacteria and odour molecules, keeping the food and air within your fridge fresh. Further innovations include Duo-Cooling Technology to cater for your ingredients’ specific needs and No-Frost Technology that ensures all textures and tastes are pristinely preserved.

Finally, all good ingredients deserve to be cooked in a way that enhances their sumptuousness. The GRUNDIG range of cooking appliances takes culinary ingenuity into a class of its own. The Multi-Taste-Oven circulates air on three different levels allowing multiple meals to be cooked simultaneously without mixing aromas and flavours. It’s a convenient way to cater to an array of dishes and tastes, giving you more time to spend with your guests.

Ultimately home is the place where life should be at its most effortless. A place where you’re in control. With GRUNDIG, all these things are possible and make your home the best place to be. 

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