In Store

Create a slick interior with reflective facets, iridescent finishes and pieces in high-gloss petrol tones.

Add some sheen to your home with these glossy pieces (above):
1. ‘Kershaw Plain’ wallpaper by Nina Campbell
2. ‘Meta’ side table, available from Tonic Design
3. ‘Containers’ designed by Sebastian Herkner, available from Casarredo
4. ‘Organic Vessel’, available from Okha
5. Vase, available from Cécile & Boyd
6. ‘Seymour’ sofa, available from Minotti

Get the look with these inspired interiors:

‘Flask Pendant Oil’ family with ‘Screw’ table, ‘Oil’ and ‘Warp’, available from Créma Design

‘Parada de Samba’ wallpaper from the Perles collection by Élitis, available from St Leger & Viney

Fabric and wallcoverings from the ‘Mahjong’ and ‘Charades’ collections by Osborne & Little, available from Home Fabrics