Astrid Field: Foodie and Innovator


Creator of brownies and bars, tarts and pastries and a variety of other guilty pleasures, Astrid Field has brought her creative flair and scientific background to the food blogger industry.

Her lifelong interest and passion for food and baking led Astrid to pursue her University Degree in Food Science and Technology after which she worked in a flavour laboratory developing beverage formulations. This led her to start her own blog, The Sweet Rebellion where she shares her amazing recipes and innovative ideas. House & Garden had a short chat with Astrid about her culinary skills and achievements.


How does your food scientist background allow you to be innovative in the kitchen?

Studying Food Science and spending years in the lab has given me confidence to experiment with my baking. When I come across a challenging recipe or technique, I don’t feel intimidated – I can’t wait to try it! Not everything works first time but that’s when my problem-solving science brain kicks in – I love trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Having worked at a flavour company for 3 years I also got a good understanding of how to work with and balance flavours.


What have been your biggest achievements on you food blogger journey?

Winning 2 Foodelia International Food Photography awards was a definite highlight. It’s also very rewarding to meet people that follow my blog and give me positive feedback on my recipes. That’s ultimately why I started my blog – to share my recipes and get people baking!


Can share your favourite sweet treat recipe with us?

That’s a tough question! My Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is probably my all-time favourite – I make them often and they never last long!

For something more sophisticated, nothing impresses quite like my Crème Brûlée Macarons.

These are vanilla macarons, filled with a crème brûlée custard and salted caramel sauce, then rolled in crunchy caramel shards. Divine!