M.A.D.I Home: Modular leisure living


Italian architect Renato Vidal has created a bespoke, innovative and earthquake resistant living space that has the design potential to be customised into a bachelor pad, a cottage or even a large luxury home.



The M.A.D.I Home was first showcased at Milan’s 2017 Furniture Fair where one of the M.A.D.I units was on display showcasing it’s tech forward features and innovative, unique unfolding technique.

Using high quality wood, aluminium, glass and other materials the basic M.A.D.I house consists of at least two basic modules which are attached to form the home. The interior spaces include an upstairs section, which features at least two bedrooms, and a ground floor with a lounge and living area. The standard downstairs living area includes a connecting staircase, a kitchen and a bathroom.



Each MADI Home is equipped with water sanitary, electrical features, air conditioning (hot/cold), pre-installed drainage systems as well as the connections for the kitchen. The innovative and revolutionary living space naturally exudes a sense of, luxury, warmth and comfort with its warm wood finishes and modern design.



The M.A.DI. housing design and system also enables the homeowner to move/relocate and customise the design and topography of the home within its environment.



M.A.DI. buildings are also environmentally responsible and they are built and placed with little to none disruption to the natural environment. The structures generally do not need a foundation built for them if it will be temporarily placed on level ground.

If the home will be in long-term use, an anchoring feature with screw pile foundations can be implemented. Once the building will no longer be occupied it can be folded up and moved to a different site or stored in a warehouse. Check out this home installation video by M.A.D.I Homes:



Featured Image: Jason Briscoe, Unsplash