Vegan Homeware

Every year, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation awards the top designs and innovations that support the idea of a cruelty-free home.

The animal rights organisation’s view is that like humans, animals are capable of suffering and should not be subjected to human cruelty and will.

For the 2018 awards, PETA Director Elisa Allen said, ‘Compassionate consumers can adorn their abodes with the beautiful, cruelty-free winners of PETA’s Vegan Homeware Awards. PETA is delighted to honour the forward-thinking companies that are meeting the booming demand for vegan homes with fashionable and functional pieces that are sure to make every space shine’

Take a look at 5 products that won this year out of the 10 cruelty-free home categories the awards are made up of.

Best Vegan Sofa

The turquoise Angelina Sofa by Anthropologie took the award for the best vegan sofa. The item is crafted with dolly wool, which in fact is not wool but a resistant, hard-wearing fabric.

Best Vegan Cushion

The Nomad Taurus Cushion by Weaver Green won best vegan cushion and is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.


Image: Weaver Green


Best Wool-Free Blanket

Created by Zara Home, brings the perfect cosy and warm atmosphere to your living space and is made without real wool.


Image: Zara Home


Best Silk-Free Sheets

This 100% Egyptian Cotton linen made by The White Company, London won the award for the best silk free sheets with its elegant and luxurious feel and look.


Image: The White Company London


Best Vegan Candle

Vegan Bunny’s Ginger Soy Candle took the best vegan candle award. The candle is made from soy wax, ginger and lemongrass essential oils.


Image: Vegan Bunny



Featured Image: Anthropologie