Life in Technicolour

Inspired by nature, WAIF is the creative outlet of ad-girl-cum-entrepreneur Gisèle Human. Having not studied jewellery design and heavily relying on the ongoing mentorship of her mother, goldsmith Heidi Human, WAIF continues to evolve as new skills are learnt.

Realising that if she didn’t make her creative dreams come true – and no one else would – Gisèle founded WAIF in 2012 as a reaction to this existential moment. The jewellery line is ever-evolving as she hones her skills and comes up with new, exciting concepts. Now a one-woman company running on weekends and after hours out of Gisèle’s garage in Woodstock, Cape Town, ‘We say yes to almost every project opportunity until we can create and trade full-time,’ she says. Embracing the natural profile and characteristics of raw stone, all lapidary pieces are one-of-a-kind, while earring pins are nickel-free and made of 100% sterling silver.

Unlike any local-made earring or jewellery label, the attention to detail and bold design make WAIF a collector’s dream – created for a strong, confident and independent woman.

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Photography Courtesy of Gisèle Human