Love And Light

A CPUT Surface Design graduate, Retreat, Cape Town resident and a previous Design Indaba Emerging Creative, Candice Lawrence is bringing her modern and fresh style to the world of design. Candice started her company, Modern Gesture, in 2012 while studying and working for a camera and lighting rental house. Since 2015 Modern Gesture has been her full-time project and she is loving every moment of it. We caught up with Candice for a quick Q&A about her latest products and her favourite designers.


What was the first item you ever designed? The item you made that confirmed that decor and design is your thing.

The first piece I created was my Conversation Coffee table. Inspired by many past conversations, the design of the coffee table shows layers and layers of conversation that have taken place at the table. Therefore, focusing on the repeated face-to-face conversation and how it brought people together physically creating bonds through the art of conversation.



What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am extending my lighting range and I Just finished a collaborative project with South Easter Kitesurfing, Cape Town. Designing the kite prints for the new 2018 South Easter Onyx kites.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy designing, collaborating, as well as any custom projects I welcome as they provide a challenge most times. I think this is important for a designer, to constantly be challenged and be better at what we do, as well as understanding different people’s needs and working creatively to meet them.


Which designers, local or international, are you currently obsessing over?

Mia Melange


Haldane Martin

Wiid Design

David Krynauw


What is your signature style?

I don’t feel I have a signature style yet, as I am still learning from many other professionals that I am inspired by. I do feel my brand is very conscious of being sustainable and this is very important to me. When I work with different materials I do my best to use it sustainably as this is a growing issue around the world and it is our duty as designers to be conscious of the changing world and finding ways to improve our living conditions and solving global issues through design.


What initially inspired for your woven lampshade?

African jewellery is known for its beauty and quality, as well as the layering in the beadwork. The lamp embodies an African necklace shape through the use of wooden rings, a representation of wholeness and timelessness. Each layer of the lampshade is adjustable to any required angle and when all layers are aligned, it can be easily flat packed for storage and packaging purposes.



What is your favourite item from your furniture collection?

The Woven Necklace Lampshade of course. I enjoy the process of making this light.


What is the one home accessory you can’t live without?