Modern Organic and Nouveau in the Cape

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Xperiencemakers, an interior architecture and design studio based in Cape Town, collaborated with Charles Back to create the stunning space. It is the first outlet to his planned deli-cum restaurant franchise in Paarl.

The level two heritage site has been transformed into an organic market and restaurant space. Signage, custom-designed wallpapers and upholstery fabric, shop-fittings and furniture elements were crafted for the space. Every design aspect was kept in mind for the purpose of being translated to future franchise locations.


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Founder and managing director of Xperiencemakers, Renee de Waal described the style at Back’s as nouveau meets modern organic.

“There is a strong interplay of organic materials set against a white and very fresh background. The entire experience is designed to reflect something fresh and wholesome, with installations that create numerous pockets of surprise.”

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The shared philosophy of authenticity and innovation between Xperiencemakers and Charles Back, paired with attention to detail and an ability to extract and amplify the quirky aspects of a brand to create something special and unique is behind the success of their projects.

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Back said that the inspiration for Back’s came from his long lineage of farming history, with the fundamental basis of everything he does being integrity and quality.

“Thanks to Renee’s great aesthetic and international knowledge, I feel she has successfully brought the Back’s image to life, meticulously integrating organic elements with a space that is light, welcoming and tasteful.

“When you leave Back’s, we hope you leave feeling inspired to make even the smallest change towards a healthier, more harmonious existence with our land, our animals and our communities. If so, we know we’ve done our job.”

Photography: SWPhotography