Moooi Carpets

Stephen Lasker, interior designer and Moooi representative for Southern Africa, says the latest trend in flooring is about offering customers flexibility and choice. Moooi Carpets embraces this trend by combining technology and design to give customers endless possibilities in terms of pattern, colour, size and shape.

Using the process colour technology of a large Chromojet 800 printer, the high resolution colour printing process allows for intricate and varied pattern creation, the customisation of colours and the production of almost any size carpet or rug.

A varied selection of designs is offered through several options that include using your own customised design or those of several celebrated designers that include Marcel Wanders, Christian Lacroix and Tricia Guild.

Further choice is presented with the Moooi Works collection where customers can choose their design from a library of patterns, select the shape required and finally the colours of the design from a selection of 648 colour options.

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Featured image ‘Fool’s Paradise’ by Marcel Wanders