Play-Doh Fun


How many times have you lost 10 minutes of your life scraping play-doh off pieces of furniture and the floor?

Parents of toddlers can attest to the headaches of this sticky sucker.

Now London designer Stephen Johnson has come up with an ingenious colourful adhesive.

The “dough” is strong enough to bond parts of furniture together, and the results are a fun take on furniture design.

Called PLAY, the synthetic adhesive is designed to look like Play-Doh and can be used to bond materials such as wood, glass, marble and metal.



“The objective was to design functional products using kids dough, but given its soft nature it’s just not feasible,” he told Dezeen.

“I needed a material that looked and behaved in the same way but became rigid over time.”

Johnson spent 5 years developing the dough and remains tight-lipped on the exact recipe he developed, but does admit that it is an assortment of synthetic and organic material.

“It is about the innovative freedom we had as kids, being spontaneous, putting objects and materials together without restriction – designing in the moment with our hands, imagination and the things we have around us,” he concluded.

Photograph Max Pixel