South African entrepreneur and owner of the LULA brand in Salt Rock, KwaZulu Natal, Louise Blignaut, saw a Moses Basket that a friend ordered from overseas and was fascinated by the unique combination of elephant grass materials and the unique Ghanaian style.  She found the product quite extraordinary and was inspired to get it straight from the source. Which is exactly what she did. The result being the launch of the stunning and versatile Lula The Collection, in February this year. We love the storage baskets, the Nap &Pack Moses basket, the Dahl storage basket, okay, we love the entire collection.

The collection encompasses handcrafted and lifestyle products that have been ethically sourced from Ghana.  Louise plans to bring in new products from other African countries too. She tells us a bit more below.



What are your thoughts and views on cultural appropriation?

I think there is a fine line between cultural appropriation and celebration.

All items in our range have been ethically sourced, empowering local artisans and preserving the culture in Africa in this way. We celebrate the local artisans of Ghana and it is our hope that by exposing their culture to the world we are helping uplift them and their communities. This is and will always be part of the LULA brand DNA.


What do you see as the ultimate trend right now? 

Slow fashion and handcrafted items.

Mass produced items that rely on unsustainable and exploitative practices are no longer acceptable to the discerning shopper. The movement towards the appreciation of sustainable and organic products is growing and there is slowly becoming a trend which celebrates artisans and their individual crafts, which I think is wonderful.


What do you consider to be the worst trend ever? 

The thing about trends is that they come and they go. We all swooned over copper and marble a few months back, and already these styles are becoming outdated.

So perhaps my answer would be that the worst trend is being too “on trend!” Add your own touch of personal. While there are so many different trends out there, if we all followed these, our homes and spaces would all look the same. Add the you-ness to every piece of design and create spaces which reflect your personal character and uniqueness.


What are you coveting right now for your own home? 

I can’t only pick one so here’s my top wishlist at the moment:

A full-length mirror from @arkivio_

The Cafe Cling lounger from @interiorcult

An incredibly designed Art blanket from @smitinggoodstudio

A beautiful brightly coloured Hinge unit from @dokterandmisses




Images: Derryn Schmidt, KissKiss Photo