Put a Rug on it

Leading manufacturer of premium-quality woven Axminster carpets, MONN launched its new range of rugs earlier this year. The new collection comprises of four beautiful bespoke designs that were conceptualised and created by MONN’s design team. The new rugs are a first for MONN and a welcome addition to the existing stable of premium quality crafted carpets. 

The brand launched in 2012 when renowned carpet-maker Pieter Nouwens heralded in a new era of quality carpet manufacturing. Acronym for the names of Pieter’s sons: Marcus, Oscar, Nicholas and Nouwens, MONN encapsulates the skills, talents, experience and sterling reputation of five generations of carpet-making craftsmanship. 

MONN also produces a range of luxury Wilton carpets, as well as an innovative range of commercial carpet tiles. Each carpet is made with only the finest, premium raw materials, which are brought to life by leading-edge technology, skilled craftsmanship and creativity. MONN’s daring expertise came forward on the production of the new rugs, which boast intricate detailing and vibrant patterns that show MONN’s bespoke weaving capabilities to maximum effect. 

The four new designs include:

Mateo – A formal medallion design with a modern twist, set on a dark background with soft grey gradients and subtle copper toned borders. 
Imfi – A rug in the subtle blue-greys and earth tones of African seeds called Imfibinga or river beads, trimmed with rhythmic edges. 
Carina – A graphic, sharply delineated argyle and star design inspired by the night sky, contrasted with hand-drawn whimsical borders. 
Verona – A dynamic rug with a complementing zigzag pattern echoing cobbled streets, finished with delicate acanthus leaf borders. 

The new rugs will complement an existing wall-to-wall MONN carpet and are also suitable as stand-alone feature items in a room. The variety of designs on offer can migrate from bedroom to living room, to office to a corporate reception area.  

‘Without any restrictions, gifted craftsmanship accommodates creative freedom translated into a plush rug.’

Ensuring that MONN products retain their original quality appearance for longer, the company has introduced a MONN Carpet Cleaning Kit, featuring specialised products that are imported from the UK. These kits are WoolSafe certified and come fully equipped with a brush, carpet wipes, general solution, stain solution and comprehensive instruction guide. 

For information on MONN’s product offering visit monn.co.za or call +27 58 623 2805.

Photography Brett Rubin Photography