One of SA’s most-loved food personalities, Jenny Morris aka The Giggling Gourmet, shares her favourite South African chef , the one talent she wishes she had and one thing she is yet to taste.

The radio personality and Taste of Dubai ambassador is always on the move and will be cooking up a storm at the 17th SA Cheese festival on 27 – 29 April 2018 with fellow celebrity chef, Kamini Pather (MasterChef SA winner). Self-made chefs will also get a taste of the spotlight in a cook-off with the Giggling Gourmet.


Who was Jenny Morris before the lights, camera and tasting?

A mother, lover, cook and gardener.


Your favourite breakfast is…

Poached eggs that are soft and trembling perched on a thickly buttered slice of sour dough with shaved parmesan and wild rocket on the side.


Everyone is a chef nowadays and there are catering companies/services mushrooming everywhere, what is the one thing they need to know before venturing into the food business? 

It’s hard work, never cut corners with quality and hygiene and refrigeration. Run it like a professional, make sure you have all the insurance and business licenses in place before you start, then hit the ground running.


Have you had any formal training and do you think it’s imperative for future chefs to be trained?

I was not fortunate enough to have any formal training, but I had the will, drive and passion to make my dream come true. It was hard work and I can honestly say nothing that I have achieved today fell into my lap.  It is always a good idea to get some training, things are a lot different today and most establishments look for some sort of certification.


If you could choose any South African chef to cook a meal for you, who would it be and why?

Even Coosner, he has a natural gift and you can taste the passion in his food.


What is the one talent/skill you wish you had?

I wish I could sing, haaaaaaaa!!! So does my husband and children ­­- they run a mile as soon as I open my mouth.


Is there any ingredient/recipe that you haven’t mastered yet?

Rhubarb. I always seem to overcook it.


Is there one thing you’d like to eat that you haven’t tried before?

Black pudding, maybe I should give it a chance, but the thought of it revolts me.


Check Jenny’s products and innovative recipes online at jennymorris.co.za

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