The world’s most expensive smartwatch

Tagheuer Connected Modular45 Fulldiamondset 10 .jpg

Earlier this month, Swiss
watchmaker Tag Heuer  released the Connected
Modular smartwatch – the world’s most expensive. High-fashion smartwatches aren’t a new
thing – Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors have both released their own takes on
the warble tech – and even Apple joined the party with its eyebrow-raising
5-figure price tag, 18-karat gold iteration of the Apple Watch (as well as a more
recent collaboration with Hermes). But true to form, Tag Heuer has outdone them
all to the tune of R2.3 million a piece.

what does over two million rand in arm candy get you? An 18-karat polished
white gold case with the bezel, lugs and bracelet fully paved in 589 baguette
diamonds totaling 23.35 carats.


for the tech, the Connected Modular was developed with Intel and Google and
offers the full range of features: a touch display AMOLED screen, Wi-Fi, GPS
and Bluetooth.
you wear the Connected Modular on your morning jog? Maybe. Maybe not. But when
it comes to creating a show-stopping piece of super luxe tech Tag Heuer are
right on the money.