Set The Mood

The right lighting is crucial to setting a room’s ambiance. These bold options provide focused sources of illumination.

Lamps (Above)

The real strength of a lamp lies in its mobility. Ease of movement means it can be placed in a corner or on a tabletop to light just the right amount of space in a room, or staggered at different levels to create multiple points of interest. Use this type of shadow play to create a cocooning effect in rooms that don’t necessarily rely too much on functional task lighting, such as a living or bedroom area.

Shop Gallotti & Radice ‘Bolle Tavolo 3’ table lamp, R24 450, Casarredo

Shop Grégoire Moinard ‘Coupole’ table lamp in red lacquer, R3 645, Ligne Roset

Shop Foscarini ‘Kurage’ table lamp, R13 470, Créma Design

Shop Visual Comfort & Co. ‘Dot Stance’ 13-inch rotating floor lamp in natural brass, R29 751.02, Glo Lighting & Living


Photograph: Supplied

With so many good-looking options available, picking the right pendant can be daunting. Consider the finish – is it metallic or colourful – and how this relates to the room. Also, look at the size of the lamp – oversized pendants work better in bigger spaces – and the amount of pendants you’ll be hanging. A cluster makes a bold statement but could possibly over-illuminate a space.

Shop Tom Dixon flask ‘Ball’ pendant in oil, R5 250, Créma Design

Shop ‘Three Armed’ G9 pendant in satin gold, R6 650, K. Light Import

Shop ‘Dust’ pendant in brass, R8 638.13, Province Lighting

Shop Casarredo ‘Sugecasa’ pendant, R16 600, Casarredo


Photograph: Elsa Young

It’s difficult not to love a chandelier; no other lighting option brings more old-world romance than one of these shimmering crystal numbers. Beware of overdoing it, though, as it’s easy to go from glam to gaudy. While a capacious room will allow you to indulge in a vertical piece, in a smaller space opt for a chandelier that is rounded and contained.

Shop ‘Eternal Pendant’ chandelier, R9 999.95, The Lighting Warehouse

Shop ‘Amelia’ chandelier, R895, Block & Chisel

Shop Medium ‘Glass Leaves’ chandelier, R9 900, Cécile & Boyd

Shop Visual Comfort & Co. Kelly Wearstler ‘Halcyon’ chandelier, R84 602.99, Glo Lighting & Living

Featured image photography Elsa Young