Statement Colours

Lighting is crucial to shaping the mood of a room and these options are as striking as they are functional. ‘Playing with brightly-coloured pendants is a simple way of adding a pop of colour,’ says Melissa Davidson, a director at The Lighting Warehouse. ‘They can be used to great effect providing a welcoming contrast to a monochromatic backdrop.’ The way you group your pendants will also affect the feel of the space. By placing them close together you can create an energetic bundle of light. However, you’ll shape a more calming ambience by spreading out the fixtures.

Him and Her (above)
This sunshine-yellow and black honey-bee reminiscent chandelier from Designheure focuses on the curves and angles of feminine and masculine forms and matches them together with noble materials to make a complete and rich lighting fixture, while keeping a homogenous but varied spirit and strong personality. The perfect pop of colour, this chandelier is fun while still maintaining a sense of sophistication, creating an ultimately ‘summer-y’ atmosphere.

Luca Nichetto’s ‘Alphabeta’ modular pendants for Scandinavian brand Hem comprise of colourful shades that stack in customisable combinations. With more than 10 million different possible combinations, the lamps are used in pairs to direct light up and down from the source with 24 different shade and colour selections. Using the alphabet as his inspiration Nichetto created his range of eponymous lamps to allow people to build their own personalised lighting fixtures.

If you’ve ever peered at the sun through a green glass bottle, you will understand Boris Klimek’s fascination with transparency and perception, the inspiration behind his ‘Lollipop’ collection. Klimek experimented with the technique of slumped glass, exploring its wide possibilities in terms of glass colouring, glint and internal structure. Made of amorphous glass plates, combined with a metal holder and inserted light source, the resulting objects are reminiscent of lollipops.

Inspired by a trip to Tivoli in Copenhagen, Louis Poulsen collaborated with Swedish designer and graphic artist Clara von Zweigbergk to create ‘Cirque’, a collection styled after the whirls and twirls of carousels, candyfloss makers and wheels of fortune. When an object spins round very fast, the colours merge and end up being perceived as horizontal bands of colour, which resulted in a vibrant design which unites unconventional colours and forms in a series of truly innovative lamps.

Although maybe not as colourful as the above lighting fixtures, ‘Perch’ collection is equally as eye-catching and will brighten up any room. Designed by Umat Yamac for Moooi, these lights are poetic and elegantly captivating in their form, designed to capture the triumphant feeling of nature and beauty experienced when gazing upon birds perched on a branch.

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