Good reads, furniture and life-changing moments, media maven and businesswoman Carol Bouwer talks about her favourite things.

The book I could read over and over again?
Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, undoubtedly.


The film that changed my life was and why?
I loved the portrayal of strong black women in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. It as a reminder that ultimately we all do arrive at a point where “normal” has to change because we know we matter… the film gave me permission to demand respect out of my interactions with others.


The one accessory I can’t live without
A Carol Bouwer “Lindiwe” bag as it fits everything including your kitchen sink.



The one moment that shaped the way your life is now?
The arrival of my son Danté on a cold winter morning in 2001.


In your bag we will find?
Lipstick, lotion, mobile phone, book, sunglasses and valoids.


The best decision you ever made?
Marrying someone smarter than me.

The most personal piece of furniture I own is…
Possessions are functional to me, nothing is important enough to warrant being called personal. I am working hard to have a life devoid of attachment to things. I win sometimes and sometimes not so much, but at all times I continue to strive.


What inspires you?
Joyful people, people who know that the sun will rise again and are able to look at all circumstances through that lens. I am also inspired by people who know that a life of service beats a life of acquisition by a mile.


The one scent I can’t live without…
Ouhd. I don’t remember what I smelt like before.


No wardrobe is complete without…
A smile, not much else matters

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