The well-curated life of Nandi Madida

Television personality, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and singer, Nandi Madida shares a bit on her life, love, career and a some of her favourite things.


What drives Nandi Madida?

LOVE. It’s all about love. Loving people, loving what you do, loving life. Just love. If you live with love, you are truly living a good life. Even if it gets tough, just come from a place of love, look at it with love and you navigate through life with more ease.


The one event that turned my life around

Meeting and marrying my husband, musician, Zakes Bantwini completely changed my life and of course the birth of our beautiful little guy. Being a mother to my son is an amazing experience. No human being occupies your time as much as your little one, whether they are with you or not, they are always on your mind.



I’m currently working on…

2018 has been an extremely busy year for me. I’m working on the new reality fashion TV show, Made in Africa. I’m the host and executive producer on the show, which I’m completely excited about. I’ll be doing the red-carpet for the upcoming BET Awards and then I’ll be Afro-punking in Brooklyn which is even more exciting. All of this with a toddler in tow, mind you. Then I’ll be showcasing my fashion brand Colours, at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) again later in the year.

As for my upcoming venture, Home Décor, it’s been a long time coming. With décor, you have to do your research. So, for now, the focus will be on cushioning when we launch in July. We want to produce quality products, with great fabrics and we are taking our time. It will all be available online. So watch this space.




My favourite design/décor item in my home is…

I can’t describe it but it this absolutely gorgeous round glass table in my home. I’m so in love with it.



Special touches that turn a house into a home?

We just moved into our new home, so this has been on my mind and it’s been quite an adventure shopping and finding items for our new space. I think the main thing, for me, is to have a theme. In my case, I’m inspired by the Omo Tribe of Ethiopia. I love their paintings as well as their modern African art pieces – that has influenced the tone and colours I have been selecting. Having a theme, has made it easier for me and it’s good for the budget because purchases for your home are not random and impulsive.



My trademark accessory is

My hair. I have a couple of barbers, but my main barber is Dada, of Mos Definite Hair salon in Joburg who also happens to be Trevor Noah’s barber (when he’s in Joburg of course).


A book I could read over and over again is…

The Honest life: Living Naturally and True to you by Jessica Alba.


South Africa’s best-kept secret is…

The quality of lifestyle that we have and for the price, it comes at, we are quite spoilt. You are only aware once you are abroad and people really take it for granted.


My favourite African dish is…

Ujeqe (steamed Zulu bread) with ANYTHING – but more especially with oxtail stew or just butter, I love it, especially in winter.


The one artist that SA is sleeping on is…

Musician Langa Mavuso. He is insanely talented.  He has something special going on and I’m excited for him. He is about to pop.


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