The Woodsmith

There is awe and wonder within the hands of a carpenter, shaping true magic out of discarded woods, revealing something spectacular.

Woodsmith Byron Egan sports a cool shirt, khaki shorts that would hang deftly on someone of a smaller stature and steel tipped boots. His handshakes are filled with both strength and a sense of respect. The son of an accomplished carpenter and cabinet maker, Egan is a stark contrast to his father, who gleams with pride as he speaks of his successor. It’s hard to imagine the young boy from New Castle running around the factory on weekends and gaining skills as early as the age of six, turned a hobby into a soaring business.

‘Our destiny may be carved from chance, but is ultimately built from our choice’ – Byron Egan, Woodsmith, M & V

Byron understands the development of not just a workplace, but also of his staff; a man who works side by side with them and involves them in the creative process. See his 10 favourite products from SHF’s signature collections.

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