Design Finds

Prismania Chair by Elise Luttik

Elise Luttik, a graduate from the Industrial Design Department of Delft Technical University, created the stunning ‘Prismania Chair’. It has been described as both an artefact and a chair. From one angle you can barely see it, take a step and it will light up with all the colours of the spectrum due to the dichroic film. This chair is the perfect example that tech-driven design can be dynamic, delicate, classical and playful all at once.

Deborah Berke to turn former New York prison into women’s rights headquarters

New York firm Deborah Berke Partners has won a competition to transform a correctional facility into a permanent home for the girls’ and women’s rights movement in the city. The studio founded by Berke triumphed in the international competition to redesign the former Bayview Correctional Facility as The Women’s Building.

‘Fauna and Flora’ collaborative bench by Wiid Design

Crafted by Cape Town designer Laurie Wiid van Heerden in collaboration with artist Gerick Terblanche, this unique bench is fabricated from 5mm thick, electro-galvanised mild steel. Prepped with automotive base coats and primer and painted by hand with acrylic paint, it epitomises functional art.

Josh Sperling’s sculptural paintings

Josh Sperling’s work is the kind of art that makes you pause and try to figure out how it’s made. The New York-based artist’s work features bold, contemporary colours and structured shapes that form abstract paintings of interlocked canvases. The components of each sculptural painting are made from stacked wooden shapes with painted canvas stretched around them. The pieces then fit together into a geometric puzzle. The texture created from the stacked wood below gives each shape an extra layer of interest.

Mechanical Perspective chair by Artem Zigert

Kazakhstani designer, Artem Zigert’s Mechanical Perspective chair is an elegant sculptural interpretation of a chair drawn in perspective. Straight lines, differing angles and spatial deception provide a fascinating statement piece. Each angle you look at it gives the viewer a different take on the chair.