Tome Time

Find endless inspiration, vicarious design and travel influences and art to be enamoured by. These are our five tomes your coffee table needs now.

Speaking of Art: Four Decades of Art in Conversation

Speaking of Art: Four Decades of Art in Conversation (Phaidon) features a number of outstanding interviews with 43 towering figures of recent art history. Written by William Furlong, with an introduction by Mel Gooding. Shop

Wild Art

From pimped cars and graffiti to extreme body art, ice sculpture and flash mobs, Wild Art has them all. Written by David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro, published by Phaidon. Shop 

Flowers: Art & Bouquets 

Add Flowers: Art & Bouquets to your coffee book collection for timeless visuals. Shop; +27 762 6793.

Perfect Hideaways in South Africa

For weekend breaks and longer stays, the latest tome from Perfect Hideaways (Africa Press) offers page after page of decor inspiration and couch escapism. The book is filled with unique local retreats. Shop

Nomad Deluxe: Wandering with a Purpose

‘We were all nomads once,’ declares noted travel writer Herbert Ypma. Nomad Deluxe (Assouline) reawakens this deep-seated universal desire to jump on a plane, train, or boat and escape to the most distant reaches of the globe. Shop;+27 762 6793.