Tracking Magnet

The idea of having an essentially personalised lighting system like this, in your home especially, is an exciting concept. Not only is it sophisticated in its design, but in its functionality as it is so user-friendly and accommodating to one’s lighting needs. Not only can you adjust the lamps according to ambience and the grade of light you desire, but you can also angle the lamps directionally as you want. This means you can shine a bright spotlight on a prized sculpture or dim all the lamps at different strengths and in different directions to light a room all over and evenly distribute your desired level of luminance.

Adiel Martin of European Light and Design Centre (ELDC), the official FLOS distributors, tells us more about this new lighting concept.
‘This particular system is an evolution to the common, track systems, which are generally very cumbersome, but the Tracking Magnet sets a new standard in being chic coupled with elegance and is innovative in the use of the latest LED technology available. Any and all professional lighting solutions are born either from challenges encountered with a particular project or product or are born from the architectural design or the interior design of a project taking the lead role in determining the lighting solution,’ Martin explains.

Thanks to its magnetic system and miniaturised electronics, The Tracking Magnet can be a perfect solution for residential projects as it can be integrated in any kind of environment and architecture, offering total flexibility for any residential everyday life user needs. All luminaires can be replaced, oriented and dimmed by the end user in a very simple way, creating infinite configurations in just a matter of seconds. Moreover, the very compact dimension of the track profile and the minimal designed luminaires enhance to The Tracking Magnet a refined, modern design, perfect for any kind of residential environment.

Visit ELDC’s website to find out more.

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