Smart kitchen gadgets on our radar

Smartphones, TV’s, talking fridges, Wi-Fi kettles, and voice-activated mops, the list is endless. It can all get out-of-hand really, because of 1. FOMO (fear of missing out) on our (consumer’s) part, and 2. slick gimmicky advertisements. In a sea of ‘smart’ kitchen appliances you really ‘need’, here are three you might actually find quite useful.


Instant Pot Smart Cooker

Ladies and gentleman, thee pot has been found. According to the New York Times, The Instant Pot Smart Cooker is sending mild-mannered cooks into fits of passion. It’s the pot for the lazy makoti, the beginner, reluctant home cook and for the busy working moms and dads. It combines seven kitchen appliances in one. It’s an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, and yoghurt maker – the ideal all-in-one appliance.





Yes, as the name suggests, it’s for the health conscious fitness foodie and for the kitchen enthusiast. This power blender boasts a scratch and smudge proof digital touchscreen. But the part you’ll really care about, is it’s impressive six smart blend programmes for smoothies, soups, hot drinks, sauces, grinding and juicing. It also has an option to create and save your own blending programs.



Brewista Smart Pour Stove top Kettle

A controlled pour at just the right water temperature, thanks to a nifty analogue temperature gauge for coffee brewing, is what this kettle has going for it. This one is touted as an excellent tool for any home barista and it will make any kitchen look good too.


Images: Supplied