7 Velvet Furniture Pieces that Exude Luxury


Like that famous Alannah Myles song says, ‘black velvet if you please’. The intricate velvet fabric is, and will always be, a texture that exudes characteristics of luxury and wealth with an added touch of comfort, whether it is used for a fashionable clothing item or a designer furniture piece. Here are seven must have velvet furniture pieces by local interior designers.

Vanilla House Interiors

This Cape Town based interior design company creates beautiful and lavish interiors for their clients. Take a look at four of their luxurious velvet furniture items.





Sedgars Home

Located in Sandton, Gauteng, Sedagars at home offer stunning avant garde contemporary furnishings from their retail store. Here are three of the vibrant and beautiful velvet pieces from their collection.



Featured Image: Angelo Pantazis, Unsplash