Beautiful, Glossy, Black

The intriguingly creative Tom Dixon design studio released a range of glossy black lighting designs this year which has become an interior design sensation. The ‘fetishistic’ black and glossy lighting accessories are created with a lustrous black lacquer that has been, in trends current and past, popular on traditional Japanese lacquer furniture or in Bauhaus interiors.



The design studio has also released a distorted lighting range called Melt. The lamps are coated with a layer of translucent pigment that transforms it into an even more magical object. The designer and his studio are currently experimenting with the boundaries of luminosity, semi transparence and reflectivity.



Tom Dixon’s 2018 lighting collection also includes electric blue lighting designs. The pendant lights are resurfaced with modern metal finishing techniques and other futuristic technique such as Physical Vapour Deposition.



Bringing the space-age and luminous trend into the fore of interior design this year is Tom Dixon’s range of silver pendant lights, the new bell table light that is supersized and sleek and the updated design of their Scoop chairs which now feature high-shine silver legs.



Featured Image: Tom Dixon