Chic Watches In Vivid Colour

Words by Zeenat Mowzer

By blending the whimsical personality of the French with the precision of Swiss craftsmanship, Michel Herbelin creates a flawless balance in design. This elite watch label recognises that style and fashion are two distinct concepts. While fashion crazes fade as time passes, style is an everlasting expression of character, unique to each individual.


With this philosophy in mind, Michel Herbelin has launched the Antares collection, which boasts a playful aesthetic marked by vibrant tones. The collection is proof of the constantly evolving nature of watch production trends, inspired by happenings in the realm of pop culture. Pop culture has become increasingly influential, with colour being a habitually, re-emerging element in this area.




Colour has the power to positively transform your emotions. Thus, the Antares collection, with its key feature of interchangeable watchstraps in various hues, will also lift your spirits. Thanks to a resourceful new system formulated and patented by Michel Herbelin, all it takes is an effortless click to swap a strap in a given colour, for one in a different colour.


The classy leather straps are made in shades of black, chocolate, fuchsia pink, red and blue- amongst numerous others. With such a broad assortment of colours, you’re bound to find the perfect match for your mood. You will, in addition, be at liberty to pair every ensemble in your wardrobe- whether corporate, casual or formal- with a tasteful Michel Herbelin timepiece.


Each watch in the Antares collection has a timeless tank or round case and is fashioned using scratchproof sapphire crystal, to form a sophisticated look. The timepieces, featuring Swiss quartz movement, are also highly functional. Being water resistant for up to 50 metres, the watches are exceptionally reliable and allow you to rest assured that they will be protected, even when exposed to moisture.