Craftsmanship & Fatherhood

If you’re looking for well-crafted and designed pieces for your living space, Block & Chisel should be your go-to, timeless, luxury brand. Draftsman and manufacturing manager of Cape Town’s leading workshops, Chris Stevenson, shared his philosophy on running a streamlined and well-managed creative space while raising his two kids.

Take a look at this short Q&A with Chris Stevenson and his furniture suggestions for the modern family man.

How does your skill as a draftsman and manufacturing manager spill over into your role as a dad?

I have always tried to put the importance of the person over that of the process. Everybody who works here has a story to tell, and it’s important to understand that for some people just getting to work is an achievement. I’m glad to see my children recognise their privilege and know that they can also make a difference.


You’ve often said that the workshop is a big family. What is your favourite part about your role as Head of Manufacturing?

I love seeing people develop and improve themselves, and I enjoy mentoring and sharing my knowledge with them. At the same time, I’m constantly learning new techniques and, believe it or not, new life skills from many of my senior staff.


When it comes to the furniture pieces you make, which would you choose as your favourite right now, and why?

Probably the Farmhouse Bordeaux dining table. The proportion of a Cabriole leg is an incredibly difficult thing to achieve and I think we have done that perfectly on this table.


Lastly, how do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day?

Both Dylan and Nina are at University, busy with exams, so hopefully, I can enjoy a nice breakfast in Stellenbosch with them.


Block & Chisel artisans and their attention to detail make top quality antique furniture. Here are a few items that are definite must-haves for the modern family man.

The Miller Bar Cabinet



The Kentucky Desk



Farmhouse Bordeaux Dining Table



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