Designer Jacopo Foggini At Milan Design 2018

Photo Jacopo Foggini, Charlie-edited

Renowned Italian designer, Jacopo Foggini, is set to present his latest décor and design creations at the 2018 Milan Design week between 17 and 22 April.

Fooggini’s new chandelier range, Vertigo, will be showcased at the Rossana Orlandi art gallery in Milan, alongside the first range of vases created by the Turin born artist.

Foggini is a designer and artist, who now lives and works in Milan and is famous for the way he explores art and design across the boundaries imposed by the conventions of the disciplines. After discovering methacrylate while working for his family business, which is a material generally used in the production of car reflectors, Foggini now uses it to create his designs. He was immediately enchanted by the aesthetic and its chromatic qualities, which are similar to the glass yet tremendously light.



Since then, his iconic lighting sculptures have appeared many times on the pages of important international design magazines and have graced the interiors of prestigious hotels, restaurants, theatres, showrooms and private houses worldwide. Foggini has also participated in the Milan Design Week for years and has showcased many of his collections, which include Devotion in 2005, (Re)fuse in 2009 and 148 Legs in 2016.

Foggini also plans to participate at the exhibition themed “House in Motion” in collaboration with the brand Ferragamo Parfums at the University of Milan (April 16 – 28). The fashion house enlisted Foggini to create an installation named “Limbo” which interprets the world of Amo Ferragamo, their latest female perfume creation. Limbo is a 30-meter long installation, to go through, explore and remember.

Additional Jacopo Foggini works to expect at Milan Design Week include the new and long expected collection of tables designed for his Edra collection. Other iconic and historical pieces will also be showcased at the Dilmos Gallery in Milan.

Foggini is currently working on new projects in India, United States, Hong Kong, China and Russia.