Furniture Trends From Mobelli

A trendy overhaul of your home design is the easiest way to deal with unsightly furniture and outdated décor. With so many stylish options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to begin. No need to worry though, we’ve created a list of the hottest furniture trends to help you get started.


Going Retro

From innovative material combinations to dynamic shapes, designers are having a lot of fun with the retro chic trend. Get inspired by eclectic shapes and eye-popping designs as they dominate the décor scene 2018.


Image: Berkley sofa in cream with Darya chair and Delta coffee table.


Modern Retro

Include a dose of nostalgia in your layout using retro-inspired furniture and accents. This trend adds a modern twist to stylish furniture designs from the past. With a little retro charm, any room can become a functional work of art.

Choose a colour scheme or retro element that captures your style. Consider using soft earthy tones with metallic accents or blend materials like marble, wood, or industrial steel. The Darya chair is a great touch to bring that retro feel to a room combined here with a marble and wood coffee table.


Image: Gramercy side cupboard.


Shape Trends – Go Geo or Organic

Retro designs incorporate unique blends of geometric and organic silhouettes. Consider ways you can utilise one – or both – in your layout.

Find angular sofas with defined lines or tables featuring intricate geometric detailing. Simple touches like squared bases or geometric cut outs add visual interest to tables and accent cupboards. The Gramercy side cupboard is a perfect focal piece to harness this trend. Geometric structures create a calming ambiance in your home. It’s a stylish design that stimulates a sense of serenity, down to the smallest detail.


Image: Industrial style occasional chairs ate combined with the soft, puffy Galliano sofa.


Mixed Materials

Eclectic blends of materials and textures remain a hot trend throughout 2018. The mixed material trend continues with retro chic inspiration like wooden occasional tables featuring luxurious marble-top accents.


Image: Brooklyn angular sofa combined with oval wood table and colour pop Mira occasional chairs.


It’s All In The Detail

Simple pieces of retro décor completely transform the ambiance of your lounge. The best features of this trend are found in its attention to detail. Simple shapes and unique material combinations are emphasised with stylish modern elements.

Retro furniture emphasises attractive features with a modern twist. Enjoy a soft upholstered furniture set upon glossy metal legs or accents like angular footing that enhances the furniture’s appeal and interest. Add timeless touches to this nostalgic trend with tufted button detailing or walnut inlays that contrast soft fabrics.


Images: Mobelli