Introducing Le Chocolate Pinotage


Smooth, medium bodied with an enticing chocolate twist, the Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate has introduced the Angels Tears Le Chocolat Pinotage 2017 to their range.

The seductive flavour profile is achieved with the careful use of well toasted French oak during and after fermentation. The oak creates rich toasty notes which lend wonderful chocolate and coffee flavours to the wine when combined with ripe plums and red berry fruits which are typical flavour features of the Pinotage grape.

Winemaker Hagen Viljoen, explained that the use of toasted French oak is a skilful and natural way to bring out these delightfully appealing flavours for wine and chocolate lovers as “of course, no chocolate or coffee is allowed in winemaking.”

This delicious chocolate Pinotage is perfect to pair with hearty warm meals such as lasagne or a meaty pot pie. Enjoy a glass with a gourmet pizza or the flavours of luxurious sushi combinations.

“The universally appealing aspect of flavour is the reason for the success in this profile of Pinotage making wine more accessible and pleasing to a broader consumer base,” said Ivan Oertle, sales and marketing manager.

The new Le Chocolat Angel can be tried on a visit to the Grande Provence Wine Estate in Franschhoek where exceptional wine experiences including their ‘Taste of Heaven’ Angels Tears pairing with handmade nougat await.

The Angels Tears wines are available country-wide, sell from the Grande Provence cellar door at R55 per bottle and can also be purchased online.