The Founding Of Bannach

Born in 1986 in Frankfurt am Main Germany, Moritz Bannach achieved a degree in landscape architecture, has worked for Berlin-based interior design retailer Dopo Domani and has now launched his own furniture brand, Bannach. In April 2018 Moritz released his UNO collection, which consists of modern dining tables and conference tables that boast bold colours, clear-cut lines and overall, the signature style of his brand. Rose, orange and dark green, these bold colour choices are the defining feature of Abbondio, the first piece of furniture created by Moritz. The dining table’s design featuring clear-cut lines and giving length add character and class to the table.



‘Having studied landscape architecture, I follow a holistic approach. To me, furniture should not only be functional but also have a strong aesthetic value,’ says Moritz adding that Bannach combines aspects of design, architecture and art. The furniture and objects I design are a strong, bold statement against everything that’s dull and grey in this world. Abbondio consolidates this with its sculptural character,’ Moritz said.



Besides the bold colour choices and seamless modern designs, there are many characteristics define Bannach creations. Every piece of furniture made by Bannach is decorated with a polished brass sign bearing an individual serial number, individualising each piece. In addition to the Abbondio table, the UNO collection is available in various other designs finished with lacquered MDF or lacquered ash veneer.


‘Because the brand is so young, we do not have dealers or stores in South Africa yet, but we’re working on it. But, our products are available in South Africa, customers can order directly from us. We are shipping worldwide,’ Moritz added.