Timeless Watches For Women With Style

Words By Zeenat Mowzer

Specialising in fine watches, the Michel Herbelin brand was created to passionately bring to life a vision, of celebrating the splendour of French design. This design genre is characterised by the unanticipated details in each creation, particularly pieces produced for women, and which stand the test of time.



Such pieces are at the heart of Michel Herbelin’s Feminine Collections, comprised of watches that awaken the imagination and rouse deep emotion. Each watch is a unique work of art crafted in stainless steel and sapphire crystal, and coated with gold Physical Vapour Deposition. The incorporation of accurate Swiss quartz movement ensures that the timepieces are not only chic but practical too.


One of the ranges, Salambo, highlights the clean lines of the classic bangle style. The charming dials are embellished with rings of sparkling spinels, adding a dash of opulence. Although this is also true of the M-Band collection, its dials in contrast, display the colour silver sunray. This set of contemporary watches, evoking a nostalgic mood, is ideal for the woman who aims to turn heads.



Another array, Scandinave, is proof of the beauty in minimalism. Featuring graceful curves and dials made with mother of pearl, it epitomises urban sophistication. The dials of the Cable collection are likewise fashioned in mother of pearl. However, this selection is in comparison, inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge and its cord-like structures. Each hour marker is formed by a single spinel, enhancing the radiance of the timepiece.

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