Zayne Symons

Zayne Symons, SHF’s distribution leader, ensures that clients receive their SHF pieces. His taste varies from greys, solid wood, metals and a melting pot of both classic and modern pieces. Zayne is a gentleman, a man’s man, who has proven that a steadfast mindset can accomplish almost anything. His distinct character is visible through the items that inspire him.

‘If you take care of the trivial things, the things of importance will always fall into place’
– Zayne Symons, Distribution Leader

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Essex Chair in Venetian Smoke
Tracker Granite Scatter Cushion
Panja Beige Rug
Epping Plasma in Aged Black
Tressle Dining Table
Bourbon Dining Chair
Dillon Corner Small in Leather Lead
Casement Mirror in Rust
Agra Sideboard
Dublin Coffee Table