Styling With Flowers

In light of the exclusive and upcoming Orchids and Roses Fair, at Brooklyn Mall, we caught up with flourishing design talent Lana Fredericks. She is the founder of an innovative creative agency called Myuzu, which specialises in progressive floral design, brand activations and creative direction and conceptualisation. She shared her thoughts on styling with orchids and roses, as well as what she’s growing in her garden.


Which are the best three orchids to decorate with in winter?

Phalaenopsis orchids, in a variety of sizes, add interest when displayed together. Cymbidium orchids are just coming into season, while the rare Oncidium Orchid likes to be indoors in the colder months.


What are your favourite types of roses to work with?

Garden roses are always my preferred choice, especially the Wall Street rose.


What kind of aesthetic would you say these roses fit well with?

Roses tend to act as a focal bloom and can be manipulated or styled in various ways to fit your aesthetic. For instance, garden roses often don’t offer me the structure that my design approach requires, but styling them in a unique way by placing them in a modern vessel, instantly gives a progressive twist to things. There has also been a movement towards receding the petals of a rose to make a more modern statement. Local garden roses often don’t allow this, but conventionally grown roses do.



Do you currently have any orchids or roses in your home, or growing in your garden right now?

I have a Phalaenopsis orchid on my balcony at the moment, which is re-growing. I normally put it outside once it has finished blooming or if I have cut its stem off to use in a floral display. Once it’s fully grown, I’ll bring it inside and style it in a new pot depending on where I would like to use it.


Can you give us 3 tips for caring for orchids indoors?

Do not over water your orchids. Always feel the moss or soil, to check whether it is damp or dry, before watering. Only water if the soil is dry and bear in mind that very little water is required.

If your orchid is thriving in the spot you have chosen in your home, leave it there. I find that they thrive best when left alone.

If re-potting your orchids in your own containers, always make sure that your container has good drainage, to avoid the growth of mould.


Join us at the Orchids and Roses Fair at Brooklyn Mall, where Condé Nast House and Garden’s Heidi Bertish, along with Halmar Taschner from Ludwig’s Roses and Christian Giesel of the Northern Gauteng Orchid Society, will share their insight on the craft of gardening.

At the event, guests will receive a gift bag that will include sought-after products and a complimentary copy of The Gourmet Cookbook, which retails at R420.00. Tickets to the Orchids and Roses Fair can be purchased below.

Date: 26 May 2018

Venue: Woolworths and Queenspark Court, Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria

Tickets: R150.00