What To Plant In Your Garden

Choosing plants that will thrive in your provincial climate and its current weather conditions can be tricky. Luckily for us, the South African Nursery Association (SANA) and their marketing division, Life is a Garden, are constantly sharing their wealth of gardening knowledge in their bid to promote gardening as a hobby in South Africa for all South Africans. We chose a few province specific plants from SANA’s vast list, that will flourish in your garden.


The Jade Plant, also known as the Crassula Ovata Red Edge, is perfect for the water-wise gardener.  The Jade Plant’s leaves are able to store water for long and drought periods, they also thrive in a sunlight and work well in wind and sea salt spray which means they are good for drier areas like Gauteng as well as at the coast.



Eastern Cape

Aloe Peri-Peri (var. ‘Peri Peri’), boasts bright orange-red flowers, is ideal for mass and container planting and also have succulent leaves making it water wise. The plant’s beauty attracts butterflies and birds and is resistant to aloe cancer.


Free State

The Spekboom, also known as Elephant’s food, the Pork bush or Portulacaria afra is a succulent shrub with small rounded leaves and a contrasting red stem. It evergreen and performs best in the sunlight. According to SANA the Spekboom is suited to all areas of South Africa but does not do well in heavy frost areas.



Western Cape

Considering the heavy drought, the Western Cape is currently facing the, Nandina domestica “Obsession” var. ‘Seika’ PBR, with its intense colour, the Jade Plant and other succulents will definitely do well in the Cape climate.



The climate less Gardenia (Gardenia cinderella) is a pretty white flower that is perfectly fragrant and blooms more than once. It is great in spring and summer, evergreen, however, it needs to be watered often so it is perfect for inland areas that do not struggle with water restriction issues.


Featured Image: Markus Spiske, Unsplash