Dine With Mom At Brooklyn Mall

Words By Zeenat Mowzer

Based in the upscale Embassy suburbs of Pretoria, Brooklyn Mall is a vibrant centre of activity for one of the most distinguished neighbourhoods in South Africa’s capital city. The mall is home to a variety of restaurants, serving fare so mouth-watering, it will satisfy even the most astute palates. We have picked our favourite spots, where you can indulge in a delectable meal or decadent dessert with your mom.


Awarded with the title of Best Greek Restaurant in Pretoria, Mythos is lead by a head chef who refuses to import her main ingredients from anywhere else but Greece. By enlisting her vast selection of family recipes, she whips up a feast of authentic dishes originating from the Mediterranean land. Start with a meze platter filled with Cheese Croquettes, try Kerkira Baby Chicken as your main and finish off with a sweet treat like Baklava Cheesecake.


Café Rossini 

Inspired by the modern lifestyle of Italian gentleman Giaochino Rossini, a tenor and opera composer, Café Rossini is an ideal location for unwinding with a palatable meal. When preparing their breakfasts, lunches and wealth of toothsome desserts, the café’s chefs aim to honour Rossini’s pursuit of brilliance. Thus, their culinary masterpieces are of a superior quality that would satisfy the Italian’s passion for top-notch cuisine– one that exceeded his love of music.


Moomoo Wine Bar & Grill 

A far cry from the conventional steakhouse, Moomoo Wine Bar & Grill boasts a playful character expressed in elements such as its MooGazine menus, and grass embellishing the tables. At the heart of the establishment is expertly cooked meat, used to craft dishes such as their Bone-in New York Strip and Rib Eye. Served with their food is a sizeable collection of wines, including new blends and limited edition vintages, showcased on what has been dubbed the Wall of Wine.




Founded by and named after a chef who grew up in her dad’s restaurant, Tashas specialises in simple fare with magnificent flavour. Tasha’s hallmark is that every meal is freshly prepared using only prime ingredients- and no detail is spared.  However, the setting in which the food is devoured is just as critical to the dining experience, as the food itself. The eatery has a classic yet contemporary aesthetic, featuring its signature green hue that is both subtle and sophisticated.


Wood & Fire

A new addition to the array of restaurants is Wood & Fire, an eclectic yet elegant café and steakhouse. Run by a team of cookery mavens, this trendy hotspot is perfect for feasting on a sumptuous salad, such as the Honey Sesame Chicken or Seared Tuna Vietnamese. Their range of tapas plates, including the Sirloin plate, can be beautifully complemented by a scintillating cocktail. The décor, displaying tasteful marble and tarazzo, evokes a warm ambience.



Condé Nast House & Garden hosted an exclusive Mother’s Day event at Brooklyn Mall. Guests were treated to a gourmet lunch and an exquisite assortment of wines. Incredible prizes and Mother’s Day gifts from activation stations run by our acclaimed partner brands were won. Guests also received a gift bag that includes a complimentary copy of The Gourmet Cookbook, valued at R420.00, as well as a variety of carefully selected treats. Further details and a photo gallery of our Mothers Day event can be found here.

Images: Supplied