Inside 1987 Eatery

It’s been a big couple of years for Hertex Fabrics, other than their 2016 collaboration with interior designer Donald Nxumalo, in 2017 the brand released HAUS, their homeware range and the opened 2 restaurants, 1987 Eatery, at 2 locations in Cape Town. We caught up with Katrin Herrmann of Hertex Fabrics for a quick Q&A session and got Executive Chef is Eva de Jesus to share the recipe for their best seller, Spanish Cheesecake.


What is the significance behind the restaurant’s name, 1987 Eatery?

1987 is the year my parents, Peter and Coba Herrman, started Hertex Fabrics, so the name is a nod to that legacy.



Who designed the interior of the establishment? Was it completely a Hertex project?

It was a collaboration between Hertex and The Design Company (TDC). We use our HAUS homeware brand’s stoneware and flatware in the eatery.



How has the public’s response to the eatery been thus far?

The response has been really good. Both eateries are situated within our Hertex showrooms which attract our existing clients, but the eateries are growing popularity in their own right – they’re well designed comfortable spaces and the food and coffee is great.



Who is/are currently the executive chef/s for the restaurants?

Our Executive Chef is Eva de Jesus. She has been with us since the inception of the eateries and comes with a wealth of experience. Eva trained at the Seville Catering Trade School in Spain. Her favourite dish is her famous Spanish cheesecake – and when you taste it, you’ll know why.



What is your favourite 1987 meal?

The Eggs Benedict – it’s served all day.



What is your favourite part of the eateries’ aesthetic?

The conservatory feel of our eateries – that combination of plants and large-scale windows and views create a very calm atmosphere. The fact that our eateries are situated within the showrooms also adds to the charm and ever-changing aesthetic.



Are there plans to expand from the 2 current Cape Town based eateries?

It is still early days, so there are no concrete plans, but naturally, we would like to expand the 1987 Eatery and brand in the future.


1987 Eatery, Spanish Cheesecake



1 pack (200g) digestive cookies

80g butter- melted

600g cream cheese

350g castor sugar

5g vanilla essence

Half lemon zest

5 eggs

750g (ml) cream



Line a spring form cake pan with baking paper or silicone paper and spay with spay and cook.

“Foil” the cake pan. Foil is rolled out and folded onto itself until about 4 layers. Cover the outside bottom of the cake pan with the foil- like a foil bowl for the cake pan.

Crush cookies to crumbs and add butter to the crumbed cookies. Line the pan with the cookie mix and bake for 15min at 180°C

Mix cheese, sugar, vanilla, zest and eggs to a chunky consistency.

Add cream, give quick mix and pour into cake pan.

Add boiling water to bain marie (water bath)

Bake 1h20min @ 160°C.

Set in fridge overnight


When cut: cut with a hot knife