7 Christmas Decor Tips

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No time to hang up the lights or take out the tinsel? Don’t bother. Understated is in this season. 

Unadorned greenery, simple rustic touches and carefully curated decorations are replacing the usual baubles and bells.

For advice about how to create subtle holiday cheer, we talked to designers about how they do it — and how they’re decorating their own homes this year.

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Use What You Have

“Rather than holiday-specific decorations, I opt for things I can use all year,” said Logan Yost, an interior designer in Manhattan. “For mantels, I have a dozen or so votive holders I gather together. I use them throughout the year for dinner parties, but for holidays, I simply line them up on a bed of tree branches.”

Go for Gold

“Mixed metallics, tonal palettes and décor that’s seasonal without being overtly Christmassy are three trends topping my list this December,” said Anne Sage, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle blogger and author of Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want.

Play With Light

“The one thing that makes the holidays different than any other time is sparkle,” said decorator Bunny Williams, whose holiday collection for Ballard Designs reflects that. “Bubbly Champagne, glittering candlelight and extra festive touches make the season a magical time, so embrace it.”

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Match Your Home’s Style

“Your holiday décor should echo the style of your house,” said Danielle Rollins, an interior designer and the author of Soiree: Entertaining with Style. For a rustic home she decorated, she said, she incorporated seasonal touches like holly berries, pheasant feathers and flowers; in more formal homes, she uses silks, metallic and velvet elements.

Make It Colourful

“Don’t feel you have to stick with a traditional colour palette or decorations,” Rollins said.

Add Flowers

“Creating centrepieces for your holiday dinner party isn’t as daunting as it may seem,” Rollins said. “Roses always are great, as they last for a long time and make a statement as your centrepiece, and you can use a variety of colours.”

Get the Guests Involved

“One of my favourite things to do as guests are arriving is to set up a build-your-own holiday cocktail bar,” Rollins said. For a Christmas carolling party, for example, she created a build-your-own-peppermint-schnapps bar with votive candles, sliced oranges, candy canes and holiday cookies. “It’s a great way to get everyone comfortable before sitting down for dinner, and you can move it throughout the house.”

Text Michelle Higgins Photography Pexels, Pixabay