Gift Guide

In the spirit of the season, our weekly gifting guides will give you inspiration and insight into the wish-lists of top names in the interior design industry as well as the personal gifting guides of the people behind H&G.

Martin Jacobs
H&G’s Creative Director
In recovery from a Chuckles chocolate addiction, Martin Jacobs insists he’ll never swear off chocolate completely, being too much of a fan of late night visits to his sweet drawer. The consummate night owl, Martin is often quietest in the mornings – but with fifteen years of magazine experience tucked neatly under his belt, always brings his creative A-game to perfecting his craft. It’s this perfectionism that’s kept him shopping for a new sofa for his apartment for close on a year now, and that’s had him submitting this entry way beyond deadline – ‘it’s a near impossible task asking a Libran to compile his ultimate wish list,’ he claims. We think he’s done a pretty sterling job.

1. Scandi Seating
I’m currently coveting a pair of Danish designer Hans J Wegner’s ‘Shell’ chairs. In addition to loving their absolute elegance of form, it’s their ‘Ugly Duckling’ backstory I find so endearing – their avant-garde shape got a lukewarm response from the public when designed in 1963, and it was only thirty years later that they were heralded as icons of Danish Modernism.
2. Danish Design
Summer weekends away with friends in rented holiday homes just aren’t the same without music, especially when everyone’s relaxing outdoors in the evenings. The Kreafunk aGlow portable speaker is the perfect accompaniment, then, as its clever design includes a dimmable lamp which has a lovely warm glow. It’s sexy and young, and its minimalist appearance is the perfect foil to the 80s music it’s bound to be blasting, knowing my friends.
3. Mediterranean Mood
Twice in the last two years I’ve fulfilled my dream of holidaying on the Italian island of Capri. I’m completely in love with the island – from it’s rugged cliffs and inky blue seas, to its majolica tiles and jetsetter style. Carthusia is a small perfumery native to the island and with roots dating back to 1380. Via Camerelle, named after Capri’s most famous street, is one of their signature fragrances. It’s a perfect fusion of bitter orange, fresh lemon, cedar wood and sea moss and its scent reminds me of my time on the island. I’d love another bottle as the one I have is almost finished.
4. South African Style
I enjoy giving gifts which I myself would love to receive, and right now I’m mad for fellow urbanophile Shaun Gaylard’s (of Blank Ink Design) CPT and JHB Architectural City Guide prints. With each city guide incorporating 24 landmark buildings (including one or two which I love to loathe) these artworks are part chronicler of our architectural zeitgeist, and part map of our urban history/development/sprawl, making them the perfect gifts for my city slicker friends.
5. South American Flavour
There’s something completely indulgent about receiving perfectly packaged artisanal chocolates – with wrapping so striking it’s tempting not to tuck in. Chocolate bars and gift boxes offer the perfect surface for designers to get creative. A handful of my friends, like me, are serious chocaholics, and if these Chocolates With Attitude (packaging designed by Bessermachen Design Studio) were available locally, I’d be sure to make them stocking fillers.
6. American Dream
For years now I’ve had the highest regard for American GQ magazine; I consider its art direction, photography, design and content to be really great examples of world-class journalism. I’d love the opportunity to meet, and learn from, the two Jims – editor Jim Nelson and creative director Jim Moore. It’s not enough for me to have access to the magazines in our offices – I love collecting them too, as I often refer back to old issues. A subscription to GQ is on my wishlist every year.