Grecian Glory

Starkly set on a steep western cliff off Corfu Island in Greece, this ultra modern summer house has seen a recent refurbishment by Athens-based design firm Studio 314, founded by architect and designer Pavlos Chatziangelidis. Studio 314’s main goal when proposing the new design was to embrace Corfu’s vernacular architecture, reinterpreting it into a more contemporary design language.

The firm, known for experimenting and exploring the boundaries of contemporary architecture, stayed true to its ethos while still honouring the lie of the land. The landscape is covered in olive trees and surrounded by sea with spectacular panoramic views of the Ionion Pelagos; the white concrete building juxtaposed against this, gives the house a sort of lighthouse feel. The remote location provides tranquility and due to the absence of artificial light at night, allows incredible views of the stars, hence the property has been called ‘the midnight stars’.

The arch is the main component for 314’s design, highlighted by the home’s minimal contemporary form. The main entrance, located on the ground floor of the house, leads to an open space surrounded by a series of arches, making it a bold entryway area with a monolithic composition. The location expands 6 000m2 – and senior architect Pavlos Chatziangelidis was intent on creating a modern space, true to form, without affecting any of the natural environment.

The studio used natural materials – white cement plastered floors and walls – in a pattern reminiscent of a ruined stone wall. The existing columns are clad with mirrored panels in a triangular form, rendering it lightweight and transparent as it reflects the view and the surrounding landscape. The upper terrace has breathtaking views towards the ocean, while the intersection of domes and arches create a highly distinctive design within that.

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Photography Courtesy of Studio 314