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The Weylandts aesthetic, initiated by Edgar Weylandt and later refined and curated by his son Chris Weylandt, marries Scandinavian design-mindedness with an African heartbeat. Each quality furniture item, each lighting range, each homeware collection blurs influences and geographical boundaries in a global mix of handcrafted elements. The beautiful showrooms located countrywide sell well-made contemporary products that are sourced globally and always on trend. 

In light of the approaching Condé Nast House & Garden workshop and panel discussion, to be held this week at Weylandts Brooklyn Mall and lead by Editor-in-Chef Liz Morris, we’ve rounded up our favourite products from recent ranges, not to mention a five-point trend guide compiled by Anna Weylandt.

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Anna Weylandts on Summer Trends and Inspiration 

Anna Weylandt, buyer and designer at Weylandts, has drawn inspiration from her travels this year and shares her thoughts on the colours and trends for decor this summer.
1. We are seeing a lot of fresh greenery for indoor and outdoor coming through for the summer, both in the use of materials and real plants.
2. In Milan I saw this use of greenery, particularly with large plants for indoor spaces. There is strong use of wall colours such as rust, dark emerald and dirty navyblue.
3. At Weylandts we are favouring a strong black and white pallet for interiors, with bold steel furniture pieces and soft grey leathers, punctuated by strong green leaves.
4. At Weylandts we are very aware of a trend towards people moving away from large suburban properties to smaller city living apartments, and in Japan I was inspired by the innovative ways people adapt to living in small spaces, particularly with the use of modular kitchens and furniture.
5. The most exciting furniture I saw this year was from Baxter in Italy, particularly at Milan Salon de Mobile. Their use of stitching details and material juxtaposition was incredible.

New Dutz & agate products

Since ancient times, glass has seduced with its magical texture and ability to dance with light. Weylandts’ new Dutz range reflects contemporary trends in hand-shaped glassware with new colours, shapes, and the emphasis on organic detail like tiny bubbles adding layers of intrigue.

This premium Ukrainian glassware range finds its perfect accompaniment in the new collection of agate and brass side tables. Formed over millions of years, each cut of agate is unique, displaying alluring patterns that are framed elegantly by slick brass. Glamorous, enigmatic and decidedly gorgeous.
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Introducing the Cubist sofa

The contemporary Cubist sofa is tailor-made for versatile modern living in which the freedom of flexible arrangements and multi-functionality is becoming increasingly popular. The simple elegance of the design allows it to function in multiple ways. Put two or three together to form the perfect modular sofa or modern chaise longue. 
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The Great Outdoors

Weylandts’ new range of outdoor furniture and homeware is about embracing green calm and bringing the raw textures of nature into our homes in innovative ways. Greenery continues its uninhibited growth as a means of bringing nature indoors, but also to provide accents and texture to our casual outdoor entertainment spaces.
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Photography Courtesy Weylandts