SA Flare In England

Chef Delport.jpg

Executive Chef Jean Delport, who wowed Somerset West Diners at Benguela on Main with his Michelin worthy cuisine, has taken up the challenge to build and create a spectacular garden inspired fine dining experience at the recently purchased Leonardslee House & Gardens in England.

Delport, who is passionate about a natural environment and the sourcing of foods directly from nature, hopes to create an outstanding experience with an aim of securing a Michelin star or two. He will be leaving Cape Town to continue his passion in the UK.

“I am really excited about this new phase in my life and have always hoped for the opportunity to open a restaurant in the UK. The new restaurant will give me the perfect platform to cook the type of menu I have worked towards over the last twelve years”, he said.

Leonardslee House & Gardens will re-open to the public in April 2018. The massive botanical garden has visitors from all over England waiting eagerly to visit and experience the restored features of the estate.



The fine dining restaurant is scheduled to open in July and will be locally driven with design elements to incorporate the look and feel of the historic gardens.

Guests can expect a touch of South African flare with a menu that will include modern and classical cooking.

“The opportunity will no doubt have its challenges however, this is what makes me perform at my best. Working with a well-established brand like Leonardslee House & Gardens will have a positive impact on my future”, concluded Delport.



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