Sky’s the Limit

There’s no need to restrict your planting to terra firma. Be inspired by our pick of lofty greening solutions, from green roofs to food gardens.

1. Architectural (Above)

We love the Cubist-inspired concrete planters found on this inner-city Cape Town roof garden, created by landscape installer Ross McGill. Not only does the edgy design resonate with its urban context, but the angles screen the plants from the wind and sun, and the planters provide extra soil depth where needed.

2. Foodie

Photograph: Greg Cox


This ‘foodtop’ garden in Newlands, Cape Town has a rich variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs. These gardens flourish when sheltered from strong winds and sun. Take it a step further and include insect-attracting flowering plants, such as lavender and salvias, in your own kitchen-garden space.

3. Disguised

Photograph: Heidi Bertish


This ‘office in a forest’ is a collaboration between garden designer Franchesca Watson, landscaper Heimo Schulzer and StudioMas Architecture. ‘A carpet of planting looks great and acts as a great insulator,’ says Franchesca. The sunken roof allows for layers of drainage and irrigation.