Bathroom Décor: Get The Look

The sinks and vanities in your bathroom are more than just function and storage necessities, they are also important décor features. Updating their designs and accessibility can make spending time in the bathroom a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Consider installing antique sinks or vanities, designs of vibrant colour or go modern, seamless and contemporary. Here are five looks to inspire you to update your bathroom sinks and vanities.

Add some quirk and colour to your bathroom like these vintage sapphire coloured sinks by Kohler.


Function and storage is as important as aesthetic is when considering a bathroom update.


Give your tiny bathroom the effect or atmosphere of a large space with wall hung vanities and sinks like this Kohler design.


Vintage sinks and vanities are great items that will add character and create a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom.


Chic, seamless and incredibly functional, this look by Sarah Sherman Samuel is perfect for the minimalist.


Featured Image: Nick Karvounis, Unsplash