Bathroom Design Trends

This is a big year for bathroom design and decorating, as this space is — more often than not — functional to the point of sterility.

Now, for the first time, bathrooms are being given a narrative that extends beyond the conventional spa-like approach and, while this will always be a highly practical space, it is now being infused with a sense of personality and a place within the larger design scheme of the home.

House & Garden SA spoke to Commercial Director of Kohler Africa, Ronelle Badenhorst, about 2017/2018’s bathroom trends.


What aspects are most important when designing a bathroom?

Always consider the user. A guest bathroom presents an opportunity to be decorative, a children’s bathroom has to be functional and the main bathroom should be a sanctuary.


What innovations have been made in bathroom tech?

There have been many advancements in bathroom technology. Showers can be programmed to combine water, steam, light and music to create a relaxing experience, while toilets are becoming self-cleaning, with a range of comfort options.


What should we consider when decorating a bathroom?

It’s time to rediscover the power of colour, which is pivotal in enhancing the way we experience a room. Pale tones contribute to serenity while salmon and rose gold add subtle touches of glamour.


Featured Image: Aaron Huber, Unsplash